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Lyrics – Zisha Landau


Iz der heyliker Balshemtov in feld arumgegangen,
Baginen in feld in kaltn gegangen.
Es hobn fun tsofn geblozn di vintn,
Kalt un frostik hobn geblozn di vintn,
Az es hobn genumen im frirn di glider;

Un s'hot mit farfrorene glider,
Der heyliker Balshemtov geefnt di leftsn
Un hot oyfn kol zikh tsezungen.
Azoy hobn zayne geefnte leftsn
Gezungen, gezungen, gezungen:

"Az voyl iz tsu dem, vos hot zoykhe geven
Dayn vint zol amol im barirn,
Az voyl iz tsu mir, vos kh'hob zoykhe geven
Fun keltn fun dayne tsu frirn;
Az voyl iz tsu mir un az voyl iz un voyl,
Az voyl iz un voyl iz un voyl."

Un durshtik di frostike luft alts getrunken
Un vider in tife makhshoves farzunken.

Un bislekhvayz iz in himl aroys
A zun azoy flamik un groys,
Az vi in gehenem gevorn iz heys,
Fun ponim gerunen hot tropnvayz shveys
Un s'hot in brenendn feld
Keyn vintl tsumol nit geveyt.

Nor plutsem zikh hot durkhn brenendn feld
Dos kol fun Balshemtov tseshpreyt;
Dos hot der Balshemtov gezungen,
A loyb dem bashefer gezungen:

"Far keltn un hitsn, far zun un far regn,
Far tog un far nakht, dir a loyb!
Far alz, vos du shikst dem mentshn antkegn,
A loyb dir, a loyb dir, a loyb!
Un voyl iz tsu mir, vos ikh ver itst farbrent,
Fun fayern dayne farbrent.
Un oyb ikh bin zoykhe, un du host bashert
Tsu faln fun durshtikayt itst oyf dayn erd,
Vi voyl iz tsu mir un vi voyl iz un voyl
Un voyl iz un voyl iz un voyl."

The Holy Balshemtov went into the field
And started walking through the field
And from the North the wind started blowing
Cold and frosty winds were blowing
So the wind froze his limbs
And with his limbs frozen
The Holy Balshemtov opened his lips
And sang out loud
this is what his open lips were singing, singing, singing:
“how blessed is the one who is lucky to be touched by
your wind, how blessed am I that I was favoured to freeze in your cold
Blessed am I, and how blessed I am,
and how blessed and blessed and blessed”

And thirstily the frosty air he drank,
and further in deep contemplation sank.

And gradually in the sky rose the big flaming Sun
And it became Hellishly hot
And from his face streams of sweat ran down
And in the burning field not even a breeze blew

But suddenly through the burning field
the voice of the Balshemtov spread
Thus the Balshemtov was singing,
praising the Creator singing;
“for cold and heat for sun and for rain,
for day and for night, may you be praised.
For everything that you send to us,
praised be you, praised be you, praised be you,
and how am I
blessed that I will now burn from your fire, I will burn.
And also I have been favoured
and you have chosen for me
to fall from thirst on your earth,
how blessed I am, and how blessed and blessed and blessed.”


from Baym Taykh - By the River, released August 20, 2006


all rights reserved



Polina Shepherd Brighton, UK

Polina Shepherd (Skovoroda) was born in Tomsk, Russia. Now an internationally renowned singer, she brings the songs of the Steppes and the Shtetl up to date with passion and haunting soul. Her singing, based on traditional forms, is deeply rooted in east European Jewish and Russian folk. Growing up in Tatarstan placed her close to Islamic ornamentation, which can be heard in her unique vocal style ... more

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